Burley Design Price and Review (948305 946203, 960118 920101 vs 941202)

December 11, 2018

948305 Burley Design D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

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Burleys top-of-the-line child carrier is loaded with premium features to maximize comfort, performance and safety. The DLite has seating for one or two children and features bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room, adjustable suspension, Spring Integrated Technology (S.I.T. ) seating to prevent tangled and limp straps, and all-kit compatibility for optional conversion from biking to strolling, jogging or skiing. Share your love for the outdoors with your little ones in the Burley DLite.

946203 Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer, Yellow

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One of the lowest priced, ASTM-certified child trailers on the market today, the lightweight, bike-only Burley Bee Child Trailer keeps the little ones content while you buzz around the neighborhood. The Burley Bee comes with the innovative Flex Connector that allows the bike to lay flat while the trailer remains upright. Also new: tinted side and rear windows with integrated UPF 30 for sun protection, a lot more storage space, and side battens that create a barrier between the wheels and your child. It weighs only 20.5lbs and protects up to two passengers with its full internal roll cage, heat-treated aluminum frame and 5-point safety harness. Convenient rear tailgate provides easy access to cargo, 20″ quick-release wheels roll smoothly and compact folding design flattens the trailer for storage or transport.

960118 Burley Design Double Jogger Kit

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Take your burley on even more adventures with the double Jogger kit. The double Jogger kit attaches to the existing mounts on your burley trailer and converts it to a Jogger, making it easy for families to get out and explore more together.

920101 Burley Design Solstice Jogger

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FEATURES of the Burley Solstice Stroller One-handed fold allows for easy and quick folding even if holding your child Automatic locking mechanism allows the stroller to be folded and locked all in one motion Wheels keep the stroller off the ground when folded allowing you to roll instead of carry the stroller Padded Spring Integrated Technology ( S.I.T.) Seat prevents tangled straps and simplifies getting your little one in and out of the stroller S.I.T. seat is also machine washable Seatback can be adjusted with one hand Single centered adjustment strap ensures a level recline for the child and offers enhanced seating comfort in any position Extendable padded handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights As the handlebar raises it also moves outward, allowing for increased stride length Easy to use knob allows for quick locking of the front 12″ swivel wheel Allow the wheel to swivel for excellent maneuverability or lock it for increased stability while jogging or when strolling on rough terrain Coil-spring suspension system provides a smooth ride Tough, impact resistant polymer rear wheels with inflatable tires Reclining seat Adjustable tracking knob on front wheel Extra-large cargo capacity allows you to bring plenty of extras including diaper bag, clothes, and food All adjustment touch points are easily visible in bright yellow Handlebar safety strap ensures stroller does not roll away if you lose control Foot-actuated parking brake Bunting bag Snack bowl and cup holder Solstice car seat adapter Solstice handler console Solstice rolling travel case Solstice wheater shield Front Hub: Quick release axle with sealed cartridge bearings Rear Hub: Pushbutton release with sealed cartridge bearings Brake: Foot-activated parking brake Wrist Tether: High strength, polyester fabric webbing attached to stroller handlebar Swivel Lock Knob: Plastic with convenient touch points for easy adjustment Tubes: Pneumatic with schrader valve

920101 Burley Design Solstice Jogger

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The utilitarian choice for pulling larger loads. Haul up to 100 lb. easily with a balance point designed to reduce torque on the bike and a hitch that is ideally positioned to provide superior tracking and stability. Open front and back makes it easy to haul long loads.

941202 Burley Design Flatbed, Black, One Size

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The Burley Minnow is a single seat kids bike trailer. Upholding the Burley Standard for safety, the Minnow has: a full aluminum roll cage, 5-point harness system and passes rigorous Burley Standard durability testing. It has a comfortable hammock style seat, fold flat design, water-resistant cover, and large cargo area. The Minnow is a bike only trailer. If you are looking for a quality trailer with all the essentials the Minnow is for you.

948304 Burley Design D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

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948304 Burley Design D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

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920103 Burley Design Solstice Jogger

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920102 Burley Design Solstice Jogger

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936101 Burley Design Minnow

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