Looking for some cameras?

Indoor Wi Fi security cameras offer a costeffective
way to keep tabs on your home while
you’re away. But unless they’re paired with a
complete security system such as
Vivint, it’s up to you to monitor actions and
call the authorities in case of a break in. Enter the
LG Smart Security Wireless Camera LHC5200WI, an
indoor Wi Fi camera that offers 24/7 monitoring by
ADT’s Canopy service. This camera is ideal for renters,
apartment dwellers, and homeowners who want

commit to a contract or pay for professional installation.
It installs in minutes, comes with many sensors,
and doubles as a home automation hub. It’s also our
Editors’ Choice for professionally monitored home
surveillance cameras.

Home security cameras come in all shapes and sizes,
but the LHC5200WI is easily one of the most uniquelooking
models we’ve seen. The black, cone shaped
camera stands three inches high and measures five inches

an implanted micro USB power port. It’s intended to be
placed out in the open, and you’d have to look very
closely to recognize it as a security device.
The lens sits behind a black cover near the top of the
housing and is sandwiched by two IR LEDs that provide
up to 15 feet of night vision. Just below the lens is a
thin, curved LED strip that blinks blue when in
Bluetooth pairing mode, blue and green when
connecting to Wi Fi, hard green when a Wi Fi
connection is successful, amber when downloading an
update, and amber and green when installing an
Inside the housing is a 5-megapixel sensor with a

motion, temperature, and humidity sensors, a
microphone and speaker for two way communication,
and a 93dB siren. There’s also Z Wave circuitry for
controlling smart home devices like light dimmers,
water sensors, and smart switches from Aetoec, Eaton,
and GE. As of this writing, the number of compatible
devices was around ten, but a spokesperson promised
that more will be added.
You control the LHC5200WI using ADT’s Canopy app
for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app is free but
offers restricted functionality unless you subscribe to the
ADT Intrusion Detection plan. as an example, you won’t
get email alerts, you can’t arm and disarm the system,
and you can’t control Z Wave devices or run Activities
without the subscription.

But the biggest benefit of signing up is ADT’s 24/7
monitoring service, which contacts you when an alarm
is activated and dispatches the local authorities if you
don’t react. As with the SimpliSafe Home Security
System, ADT Canopy’s Intrusion Detection costs $19.99
per month and doesn’t require a contract, which means
you may be able to use it when you need it. By way of comparison,
Protect America’s landline monitoring service is also
$19.99 per month but requires a three year contract,
and the LiveWatch Plug & Protect IQ 2.0 Mobile Pro
plan goes for $34.99 per month and requires a one year
You may be able to view live video and change camera settings
using the ADT Canopy app, but if you want to view
event triggered recordings, you must subscribe to an
ADT Secure Video Storage plan that costs $9.99 per
month for seven days of storage or $29.99 per month
for 30 days of storage. A combo plan that includes
Intrusion Detection and seven days of secure video
storage goes for $24.99 per month.