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December 11, 2018

746220 Nectar For The Gods Bloom Khaos Fertilizer, 2.5-Gallon, Black

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Bloom Khaos is Oregon’s Only’s secret weapon. This patent pending product aids in the production of whatever stage your plants are in. As a foliar feed, it promotes branching and flower sites. As a water in nutrient, it promotes the uptake of calcium into fruiting bodies creating stronger, thicker and heavier fruit. Don’t let the price fool you. The more you use, the more you get.

746246 Nectar For The Gods HH5 Herculean Harvest, 5 Gallon

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WOW best describes this product. Like no other liquid bone meal in the industry, Herculean will make things happen. Rich in calcium phosphate, liquid bone meal serves two major purposes in an indoor garden: As a feed, Herculean will promote stronger cell strength, solid stems and heavier fruit; As a flush, bone meal will tie up unwanted salts and facilitate the uptake of macro nutrients.

746238 Nectar For The Gods GM5 Gaia Mania Standalone Nutrient for Home Gardeners, 5-Gallon

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Gaia was originally the bloom base to Oregon’s Only’s four part nutrient line. Derived from digested forms of soybean, feather, kelp and bone meals as well as worm castings, Gaia offers up a buffet of nutrition for your plants and microbes alike. Free from salts and nitrates, Gaia is incredibly gentle. Rich in proteins, all plants are sure to love this product.

746316 Nectar For The Gods Olympus Up Fertilizer, 2.5-Gallon, Black

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One of a kind in the industry. Olympus is derived from micronized limestone designed to not only raise the pH of your nutrient solution but also to buffer organic acids from healthy soil decomposition. The calcium in Olympus is also very effective at tying up salts in the medium. Olympus is a key component to the line by adding even more calcium for the plants to absorb.

746212 Nectar For The Gods Aphrodite’s Extraction Fertilizer, 2.5-Gallon

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Aphrodite’s Extraction provides a rich blend of sucrose, glucose and phosphate to promote a thriving microbial population and strong, healthy plant growth. In addition to calcium, microbes need carbon in order to manufacture complex proteins for normal growth and reproduction: low carbon equals low microbial activity. Sucrose is one of the most available forms of carbon for a plant. When sucrose and glucose are blended with proteins, it becomes a microbial feast. Customers who use Aphrodite’s Extraction have experienced dramatic flavor improvements when applying it in the last weeks of the plant’s life cycle. The addition of sugar and calcium from complimentary Nectar products, allows the plant to process more sugars to improve its ability to procreate. Try using Aphrodite’s Extraction for compost tea brewing: it makes an excellent food source for a microbial rich tea.

746298 Nectar For The Gods Zeus Juice Fertilizer, 1 Gallon

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Zeus Juice is a blend of enzymatically digested Humic acids from Biotag’s arsenal of products, blended with kelp extract. These metabolically active compounds will promote optimal nutrient availability, healthy plant cell development and profound rooting. Zeus can be used in soil and hydroponic gardens and as an effective foliar feed.

746318 Nectar for the Gods Olympus Up 5 Gallon

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This blend of organic acids lowers your nutrient solution’s pH. It’s our pH down. Don’t worry if you over shoot the down: just add some Olympus Up and see the benefits of adding more calcium.

746310 Nectar For The Gods Hades Down Fertilizer, 5-Gallon

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For those gardeners who want the benefit of a liquid bonemeal but have issues with the farming practices of live stock, here is an alternative for them. Rich in calcium from cartilage, Triton is designed to deliver flavor, aroma and color to the finished product. It can be used alone or to enhance the effects of Herculean Harvest.

746302 Nectar for the Gods Zeus Juice 5 Gallon

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Mega Morpheus is a fully digested source of readily available natural phosphate and the only guano tea on the market today that is free of grit and sand. Our unique process completely filters out grit and sand, offering a consistency suitable for soil, soilless and hydroponic growing mediums. Nutrients in Mega Morpheus are made totally available through digestion and chelation, increasing nutrient delivery and uptake. When using Mega Morpheus, you can expect an increase in photosynthesis, vigor and health, as well as flower size and flavor.

746292 Nectar For The Gods TT2 Triton’s Trawl, 2.5 Gallon

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Aphrodite is the goddess of love, which is exactly how you will feel about your plants when you see the benefits in the finished product. The digestion process that Aphrodite’s Extraction goes through releases carbon in the form of sucrose. You can use it all of the way through or simply as a final flush. You will see the sweetness.

746270 Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus 5 Gallon

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Demeter’s is a highly available form of calcium phosphate blended with amino acids. Demeter’s Destiny is Oregon’s Only’s answer to calcium and magnesium deficiencies without using a single form of nitrate or heavy metal. Demeter’s calcium bonds with natural elements in the soil to create a microbial feast without promoting unwanted elongation. When using Demeter’s, you will notice stronger plants and increased flavors and sugar production.

746214 Nectar For The Gods Aphrodite’s Extraction Fertilizer, 5-Gallon

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746230 Nectar for the Gods Demeter’s Destiny 5 Gallon

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746306 Nectar For The Gods Hades Down Fertilizer, 1-Gallon

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746294 Nectar For The Gods TT5 Triton’s Trawl, 5 Gallon

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