Stadler Form Price and Review (A-020 O 021, L 120 F-005A vs A 001A)

December 11, 2018

EMS-171 Stadler Form HYDRA Humidifier

Color photo with Stadler EMS-171
Stadler EMS-171 Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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In need of an Ultrasonic humidifier that is stylish, powerful and AFFORDABLE? Take a close look at Hydra. Its elegance and appearance fit to your home. The large stylish transparent water tank contains 1.6 gallon. It also includes a demineralization cartridge to avoid white dust. And the patented Ionic Silver Cube, inhibiting the growth of mold bacteria. Including hygrostat and mist output regulator for controlled humidification.

O-025-Parent Stadler Form OSKAR BIG Humidifier, White

Color photo with Stadler O-025-Parent
Stadler O-025-Parent Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Oskar the economist now has a big brother! Thanks to its unique V4 filter technology, the powerful humidifier is the ideal choice for large rooms up to 650 square feet. With his 1.5 gallon water tank, Oskar Big is one of the largest in his class. The memo function reminds you to replace the filter and because of the night mode, he works almost unnoticed. With his maximum power consumption of 32, Oskar Big is also a great economist. Material: abs plastic. Dimensions: 18.6″L x 7.9″W x 11.5″H Weight: 8.6 lbs.

F-005A Stadler Form FRED Hot Steam Humidifier Black

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Stadler F-005A Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Dimensions and weight: see reviews
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This sleek air humidifier invades your home with its smooth design. Fred lands on solidly steel weighted tripod legs. Available in spaceship silver. The steam from this air humidifier is hot and clean – free of minerals and bacteria. Fred is a friendly invader ready to help you and your home furnishings during the dry air seasons.

F-005A Stadler Form FRED Hot Steam Humidifier Black

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Stadler F-005A Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Anna raises the temperature! Not just because of her hot looks, but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna heats discreetly and quietly with two power levels, bringing agreeable warmth. But the clever heater also stands for safety in two respects: no overheating thanks to the PTC heating element (self-regulating ceramic) and automatic shut-off thanks to integrated tilt protection. If additional warmth is needed in certain places (e.g. under the desk) or in a small space, Anna Little is also “hot” enough.

A-020 Stadler Form Anna Heater

Stadler A-020 photos taken in 2018
Stadler A-020 Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Dimensions and weight: see reviews
Stadler A-020 prices and coupon: N/A

Otto makes wind! When heat builds up indoors in summer, the slightest breath of wind is welcome: Otto helps with a gentle breeze or generates a gale! Thanks to the Otto is made of African sapele. Sapele is a large deciduous tropical tree native to Africa. The wood is similar to mahogany with its smooth fine grain and deep warm sienna. It is a durable wood, perfect for everyday lasting beauty. The rich warm siennas and umbers of the wood are enhanced and protected by oil varnish. High grade steel balances the natural form of the sapele wood with modern contemporary style. adjustable industrial fan, the air circulation can easily be varied. This wooden fan is a straightforward chap with height-adjustable feet. This wooden fan is whisper quiet. Complete with 3 settings and adjustable height, Otto helps keep the office or living space cool during the balmy summer months.

VLO-038-Parent Stadler Form Otto African Sapele Wood

Perfect image of Stadler VLO-038-Parent
Stadler VLO-038-Parent Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
Stadler VLO-038-Parent Free shipping: Check above
Oskar- Designed by Matti Walker for Stadler Form- marries science and art, function and ease. He is an evaporative humidifier- reminiscent of a contemporary sculpture- efficiently and naturally hydrating your space. While most evaporative humidifiers emit bacteria-laden vapor into the air, worsening allergies or other respiratory issues, Oskar utilizes the patented Water Cube, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria in the water reservoir, in sync with biodegradable, antibacterial wick filters to release just the right amount of an elusive, purified moisture. An integrated hygrostat meticulously monitors your indoor climate, promising never to over-humidify. With a water level window and pocket door cleverly hidden on his side, Oskar is easy to refill with a glass of water or watering can, alleviating the common strain of fitting a bulky unit beneath a water faucet. Whether he is lounging comfortably on the floor in your living room or on a dresser in your bedroom, Oskar draws you in, giving you a moment to pause and wonder as you would before any other masterful work of art. Breathe easy. Give yourself the atmosphere you deserve.

O-021 Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier – Black

Stadler O-021 got awesome comments in 2018
Stadler O-021 Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
Stadler O-021 Free shipping: Check above
Dimensions and weight: see reviews
Stadler O-021 prices and coupon: N/A

Though a necessity in damp environments, the typical dehumidifier disrupts the continuity of a common space, often harboring disdain. Albert- designed by matti Walker for Stadler Form- is atypical. Blending pleasing aesthetics and efficiency, Albert emanates class characterized by his two-tone, sleek case and rounded edges, beautifully blending into contemporary or traditional spaces alike. Cleverly hiding such features as caster wheels, a 1.2 gallon side-loading tank with pop-up handle, and automated air vent, Albert removes up to 5.4 gallons of moisture per day without producing a sound above a whisper, ultimately creating an inviting space where you can breathe deeply and relax.

VLO-032 Stadler Form ALBERT Dehumidifier

Great photo of Stadler VLO-032
Stadler VLO-032 Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Web exclusive! True innovation means doing things differently – like the “Charly Little” fan from Stadler Form. Rather than using a conventional 4-blade design, this fan breaks tradition with a trio of blades that work like an airplane propeller to create a powerful current. “Charly Little” pushes an impressive 85,000 cubic feet of air per hour, and with its stylish design by Matti Walker, looks good doing it.

VLO-040 Stadler Form CHARLY Little Fan

Stadler VLO-040 photos taken in 2018
Stadler VLO-040 Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Dimensions and weight: see reviews
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Lea, a smart, subtle aroma diffuser, outwits the typical room fresheners you have tried before, such as the scented oil warmer monopolizing precious Outlet space, the gel odor-absorption pads collecting little more than dust, or the automated fragrance dispenser eating batteries for breakfast. Designed by Bernhard & Burkard for Stadler Form, Lea elevates your space with style, grace, mystery. Whether garnering attention from your bathroom vanity or living room end table, Lea draws you in, awakening your senses and tempering your mood. The secret is in her design. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Lea slowly evaporates pure Essential oil straight from an included refillable fragrance bottle, permitting you to say goodbye to constant cleaning and daily refills. Freeing electrical outlets, Lea operates on batteries recharged by a portable USB cord. When Lea is set to daylight mode, valuable Essential oil is never diffused into a dark, empty room, allowing you to breathe in fresh, fragrant air only when you need it. Friends and family will revel in an uplifting atmosphere, unaware of its true source. Go on- keep them guessing.

L-120 Stadler Form LEA Aroma Diffuser – White

Beautiful photography of Stadler L-120 at work here
Stadler L-120 Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
Stadler L-120 Free shipping: Check above
Small in stature, but huge in performance – that’s Anton! Even if it is easily overlooked because of its diminutive size, rooms of up to 250 sq ft pose no challenge to Anton. He is an ultrasonic humidifier made of resistant materials and even capable of perfectly distributing the fragrance of your preferred scented oil throughout the room. Equipped with an anti-calcium cartridge and Ionic Silver Cube, Anton will not leave the white powdery film produced by other humidifiers and keep the water clean and pure. Elegance and easy operation are maintained by control buttons located out of sight on the underside. Easy readability of the water level is indicated by the stylishly designed LED indicator lights which switch from blue to red when the tank is empty.

A-001A Stadler Form Anton Humidifier – White

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Stadler A-001A Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
Stadler A-001A Free shipping: Check above
Dimensions and weight: see reviews
Stadler A-001A prices and coupon: N/A

Designed by Fabian Zimmerman for Stadler Form, Jasmine, an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, transforms what seems mundane, ordinary- a bit of water, a few drops of Essential oil- into an invitation, riddled with Stillness and intrigue. Sitting coyly on the bedside table or at the corner of your desk, Jasmine beckons you to slow down a moment, observe her smooth lines, her unassuming shape, her glossy feel, and breathe in deeply-a gentle stream of fragrance. Elevate your senses, choosing the pure Essential oil best suited as a homeopathic remedy or for aromatherapy, meeting your needs in a well-balanced space every minute of the day.

-Parent Stadler Form JASMINE Aroma Diffuser – White

Stadler -Parent got awesome comments in 2018
Stadler -Parent Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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