4 Price and Review (V930458 POEINJ4G, 4UDRAWER ST124PRO vs PEX4S952)

December 11, 2018

POEINJ4G 4 Port Gigabit Midspan – PoE+ Injector – 802.3at and 802.3af – Wall-mountable Power over Ethernet Midspan

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This Gigabit midspan PoE+ injector is a cost-effective alternative to upgrading your existing network switch to a PoE-capable model. It supplies up to 30 Watts output to each port, so you can easily power and access up to four high-power PoE-compliant devices such as IP cameras using standard Ethernet cable. More power, with less cost and hassle This versatile midspan PoE+ injector is suited for almost all PoE device classes, including wireless access points, as well as IP phones and cameras. The high-power PoE+ injector offers 120W total power distribution and delivers full power up to 30.8W from each port. Now, you can easily scale and power your PoE+ devices across long distances, even in remote locations where a typical power outlet is unavailable. Plus, the cost-effective Power over Ethernet+ injector lets you connect your PoE-powered devices (PDs) to a non-PoE-capable switch, avoiding the expense and aggravation of upgrading your existing switch to a PoE-enabled model. Easy to set up in mixed environments This injectoris the perfect solution for a variety of environments. It features a wall-mountable rugged metal casing, but is palm-sized making it perfect for desktop placement too. With plug-and-play operation, you can enjoy fast and hassle-free setup without disrupting your workflow. Convenient, protected connections Not sure which class your PoE devices are? The Gigabit midspan PoE+ injectorautomatically detects the power requirements of your PoE PDs, and delivers the appropriate level of power without damaging your devices. With integrated circuit protection between each port, your devices are also protected from power interference. The POEINJ4G is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

V930458 4 Port Professional VGA USB KVM Switch with Hub (SV431USB)

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The SV431USB 4 Port rack mountable VGA USB KVM Switch with Hub offers simple control of up to four computers from a single monitor/display and USB peripheral set (keyboard, mouse). The USB KVM switch features an integrated 4 port USB hub, allowing you to share connected USB peripherals between the four controlled PC/Mac computers as though the devices were connected directly. Offering convenient placement and installation options, the KVM switch features a 1U rack-mountable form factor and rear port connection to master and slave computers, allowing you to make the necessary device connections without disrupting your workspace. A cross-platform solution, the KVM switch supports high resolution applications at up to 1920×1440 and provides a smooth operating experience when controlling mixed (Windows/Mac OS/Linux) environments. Backed by a 3 year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Rackmount your KVM switch If youd like to mount this KVM switch to your server rack, offers a 1U Rackmount Bracket (sold separately) that turns this KVM into a rackmountable KVM.

4UDRAWER 4U Black Steel Storage Drawer for 19in Racks and Cabinets

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The 4UDRAWER 4U Black Steel Storage Drawer for 19in Racks and Cabinets helps to efficiently organize your mission critical computer hardware and accessories with the capacity to hold up to 25 kg (55 lbs).This TAA compliant product adheres to the requirements of the US Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA), allowing government GSA Schedule purchases. Perfect for storing tools, software and documents for easy access, this sliding rack storage drawer is a cost-effective solution that provides tidy, out-of-the-way storage. Universally mountable in any standard front mount 19 server rack or cabinet, the rack drawer is constructed of sturdy, cold-rolled steel for long-term durability. Backed by a Lifetime warranty.

ST124PRO 4-Port VGA Video Splitter – 300 MHz- VGA Splitter – 4 port – 2048×1536 @ 80Hz

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The ST124PRO 4 Port High Resolution VGA Video Splitter – 350 MHz splits a VGA video source signal to 4 monitors or projectors simultaneously – a professional grade solution that is perfect for presentations, classrooms, tradeshows, or in-store displays, where the highest quality video on several monitors is needed. This High Resolution VGA Splitter supports monitors with up to 350MHz of video bandwidth and display resolutions up to 2048×1536 @80Hz. For added versatility, the VGA splitter features an integrated booster circuit that allows the video signal to be extended up to 210 feet (65 meters), enabling you to situate your displays in the most convenient location based on your application. This product is TAA compliant and backed by a 2-year warranty with free lifetime technical support.Male to Female VGA extension cable required (MXT101HQ)

ST124HD4K 4K HDMI Splitter – 4k 30Hz – 4 Port – Aluminum – Backward Compatible – HDMI Multi Port – HDMI Hub

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The ST124HD4K 4-port 4K HDMI splitter lets you share four HDMI displays or projectors with an HDMI-enabled audio / video source devices, such as a computer, Blu-ray player or cable TV set-top box.

PEX4S952 4 Port Native PCI Express RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16950 UART – PCIe RS232 Serial Card

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The PEX4S952 4 Port Native PCI Express RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16950 UART allows you to turn a PCI Express slot into 4 RS-232 (DB9) serial connections. The four port serial card is based on a native single chip design, that harnesses the full capability of PCI Express (PCIe) – providing optimum reliability and speed, and reducing the load applied to the CPU by as much as 48 over conventional serial cards. Offering compatibility with a broad range of operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS for easy integration into mixed environments. Plus, an included optional low profile/half-height bracket that allows the card to be installed in virtually any computer case – making it that much easier to add serial ports to your PCI Express enabled computer, regardless of the case form factor. Backed by a Lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support.

SATDOCK4U3RE 4 Bay USB 3.0 eSATA to SATA Standalone 1:3 HDD Hard Drive Duplicator Dock

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The SATDOCK4U3RE USB 3.0 and eSATA 1-to-3 Hard Drive Duplicator docking station enables you to duplicate/clone a single SATA hard drive to up to three other SATA drives simultaneously, as a standalone device. The duplicator can also function as a regular 4-bay hard drive docking station, by connecting to a host computer system. Large capacity drives (tested with up to 4TB 3.5″ and 1TB 2.5″ drives per bay) can be used to greatly enhance your computer”s storage/backup capabilities. Able to perform 1:3 sector duplication, including HPA, from a single SATA drive onto three others simultaneously (at a rate of up to 72 MBps), the duplicator/docking station can save you time and effort. As an external HDD dock, it can be connected to your host computer through USB 3.0 or eSATA, providing data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps or 3Gbps respectively, from the hard drives to your computer system. Features Quick and Secure Erase functions and support for IDE hard drives using the included SATA to IDE hard drive adapter (SAT2IDEADP).

SV431DVGAU2A 4-port KVM Switch with Dual VGA and 2-port USB Hub – USB 2.0

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This USB KVM lets you connect four computers, each with dual VGA outputs,to a dual-monitor workstation. You can switch the workstation between each computer, as well as two additional USB peripheral devices and 3.5mm speakers &microphone. Maximize productivity with dual video With support for two VGA video inputs and four different computers,this KVM switch maximizes productivity. Not only can you access multiple computers, but you can also use two VGA monitors on each computerstreaming independent content to each display, which gives you the freedom to multitask and increase your productivity. The VGA ports support resolutions up to 1920×1200 for maximum screen viewing space. Multi-system access Featuring dual video and support for your keyboard and mouse, along with a 2-port USB hub for additionalperipheral devices, this KVM switch is perfect for accessing fourseparate systemsusing the same workstation. Support for your workstation plus two additional peripheral devices makes this KVMideal forserver control, simplifying access to multiple computer systems. Hassle-free operation This4-port KVM ensures effortlessoperation with intuitivehotkey control. It provides a simple yet comprehensive solution for switching between each connected computer and also supportsmanual operation usingthe easy-to-access buttons located on the front of the switch. The SV431DVGAU2A is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Rackmount your KVM switch If youd like to mount this KVM switch to your server rack, offers a 1U Rackmount Bracket(sold separately) that turns this KVM into a rackmountable KVM.

SV431DVIUAHR 4 Port High Resolution USB DVI Dual Link KVM Switch with Audio SV431DVIUAHR got awesome comments in 2018 SV431DVIUAHR Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty SV431DVIUAHR Free shipping: Check above
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The SV431DVIUAHR 4 Port High Resolution USB DVI Dual Link KVM Switch with Audio provides simple, yet comprehensive KVM control of up to 4 directly connected computers with dual link DVI output and USB keyboard and mouse connections. Audio switching capability and support for high resolution dual link DVI applications up to 2560×1600 @ 60Hz (up to 3840×2400 at lower refresh rates), make this KVM a superior switching solution that integrates perfectly into multimedia environments. The DVI USB KVM Switch is compatible with all USB supported operating systems with no software or drivers to install, and features a built-in USB 2.0 hub that allows you to share up to 3 high speed USB devices between computers. Backed by a 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Rackmount your KVM switch If youd like to mount this KVM switch to your server rack, offers a 1U Rackmount Bracket (sold separately) that turns this KVM into a rackmountable KVM.

S354SMTB2R 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Hard Drive Enclosure with RAID – Quad-Bay 3.5" HDD RAID Enclosure – Sleek, Ultra Compact for Mac or PC

See why S354SMTB2R will be trending in 2019 as well as 2018 S354SMTB2R Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty S354SMTB2R Free shipping: Check above
Add four 3.5″ SATA III hard drives to your Mac or PC through Thunderbolt, and build an external RAID array for accelerated performance or secure data redundancy – Creative professionals, from digital content creators to video editors, have extreme demands for external storage requiring both high capacity and high speed. Now, you get the best of both worlds with the 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 hard drive enclosure. It gives you 4 customizable 3.5in drive bays, 20Gbps speed with Thunderbolt 2, and the accelerated performance and security of hardware RAID. Finally, you get the throughput you demand. You can add four 3.5 SATA III hard drives to your Mac or PC using your Thunderbolt port, and build an external RAID array for enhanced performance and data security. Sleek, ultra compact design complements your Mac or PC The 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 drive enclosure is big on storage capacity and speed, yet small in size – at only 4.6 (116 mm) wide and 6.2 (158 mm) high. Its sleek, ultra compact design in high quality aluminum makes it the perfect companion for your Mac, MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Dell Precision or other device. Lightning fast performance with Thunderbolt 2 Time is money, so just imagine how much you can save with Thunderbolt 2 performance. Stream data quickly. Work effortlessly with raw media files. Giving you 20Gbps of throughput, you can transfer data to and from your external drives faster than ever before. This superior performance makes Thunderbolt 2 the ideal external solution for high-resource intensive storage applications including high-resolution video editing and photography in your production and post-production environments. The drive enclosure supports SATA III, II and I specifications, to enable faster data transfer speeds of up to 6Gbps. You can also use a 25SAT35HDD” text=”2.5in to 3.5in SSD adapter (25SAT35HDD) to add an SSD to your array and utilize Hyper Duo, giving you near-SSD performance at HDD capacities. Generous data storage capacity with four 3.5in drive bays Build an external storage solution that meets your continually changing needs. Youll have ample storage to off-load large data or back-up large files. You can configure the four 3.5in drive bays to your own requirements, with your own choice of hardware RAID configuration. Accelerated performance and security with hardware RAID The Thunderbolt 2 enclosure supports hardware RAID giving you increased performance and protecting your valuable data at the same time, with support for RAID modes: JBOD / 0 / 1 / 1+0 . The included software lets you monitor your array as well as set your hardware RAID configuration. Hardware RAID increases your performance as data is off loaded to the enclosure, freeing up system resources for more process intensive tasks like file rendering (3D/Video). Drive protection with sleek durable housing To ensure peak performance, the Thunderbolt 2 enclosure maintains an ideal operating environment to protect your drives. The enclosure features a built-in fan for improved air circulation and an aluminum housing that maximizes heat dissipation while providing rugged durability. Added flexibility and scalability with daisy chain Leverage the Thunderbolt daisy chain port. You can connect up to 6 additional devices such as monitors, docking stations, or additional external drives — the perfect solution for Ultrabooks. The S354SMTB2R 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 enclosure is backed by a two year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

4POSTRACKHD 45U 3300lb High Capacity 4 Post Open Server Equipment Rack – Flat Pack

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Store your servers, network and telecommunications equipment in this 45U high-capacity open-frame rack – This 45U 4 Post Open Frame Server Equipment Rack offers a solid, reliable solution for mounting servers, UPSs, and other heavy rack-mountable equipment. This TAA compliant product adheres to the requirements of the US Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA), allowing government GSA Schedule purchases. Supporting a total weight capacity of up to 3300lbs – nearly double the capacity of competitive models, this full size (45U) rack features an open frame design with heavy gauge mounting rails that ensure exceptional structural stability. Built to meet EIA standards for 19in racks, the 4-post open frame rack is compatible with equipment and accessories from most popular manufacturers. A durable, cost-effective server room storage solution,’s DuraRak 45U 4 Post Open Frame Server Equipment Rack is backed by 2-year warranty.

HSB430SATBK 4 Drive 3.5in Trayless Hot Swap SATA Mobile Rack Backplane

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Hot swap up to four 3.5in SATA hard drives in seconds – This 4 Bay SATA Mobile Rack lets you swap between 3.5in Serial ATA (SATA, SATA II, SATA III-6Gbps) hard drives in seconds. A time saving storage solution, the mobile rack offers four trayless SATA hard drive bays, allowing you to hot swap Serial ATA hard drives but avoid having to mount the drives to trays for deployment or unfasten them for replacement. To maximize performance and utilize the full speed potential of your SATA III hard drives, this HDD Backplane supports SATA III for transfer speeds up to 6 Gbps when paired with compatible controller. Supporting up to four hard drives, the mobile SATA hot swap rack only takes up three 5.25in drive bays inside a host computer – maximizing space-efficiency within the computer. The mobile rack/backplane is fully compatible with RAID installations to ensure maximum performance and versatility for enhanced storage applications. Using Terabyte hard drives? Dont expose your Hard Drive and valuable data to unnecessary heat! The HSB430SATBK has two built-in 40mm fans that re-distribute the heat build-up generated as a result of typical drive operation. This feature is especially important for larger volume storage drives, and faster spinning” drives (i.e 7200 RPM), as it can help optimize drive operability and in turn preserve stored data integrity.

RK4242BK 42U Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet – 36.6 in. Deep – Split Rear Door

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The RK4242BK 42U 42in Server Rack Cabinet features an all steel, welded frame construction that provides durable, high quality rack storage at an affordable price. This modular 42U cabinet helps save space in the server room by using an innovative split rear door, and is designed to suit any server room footprint design, while housing any standard 19in rackmount equipment. Plus, adjustable front and rear rails allow you to shift mounting depths to suit almost any piece of rackmount equipment. To help optimize ventilation, the cabinet offers steel mesh doors with wide perforation, and includes an integrated cable management system that helps keep the inside of the cabinet neat. Plus, the rack rail spacing is clearly marked, making it easy to plan and install equipment within the cabinet. This high quality 42U Server Rack Cabinet is backed by StarTech.coms Lifetime Warranty.

VS410RVGAA 4PORT VGA Switcher 1920 X 1200 (1080p) & bandwith 650MHz with RS-232

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This 4 Port VGA Video and Audio Switch lets you switch between four separate VGA signals, as well as the corresponding audio, for output to a single display or projector. An ideal solution for situations where VGA and audio input ports are scarce, the VGA switch eliminates the hassle of having to swap out connections to your display and audio receiver, while letting you select the video source at the push of a button. The VGA switch also features convenient remote switching capability, through either RS232 serial remote control or the included IR remote control – allowing you to switch between VGA input signals from a distance and in turn providing a convenient addition to presentation displays, trade shows, security environments and more.

SV431USBDDM 4 Port USB VGA KVM Switch with DDM Fast Switching Technology and Cables – VGA USB KVM Switch – DDM KVM Switch SV431USBDDM got awesome comments in 2018 SV431USBDDM Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty SV431USBDDM Free shipping: Check above
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Control 4 VGA, USB-equipped PCs with a single peripheral set, with USB Dynamic Device Mapping to avoid switching lag-time The SV431USBDDM 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch lets you control 4 VGA, USB-equipped PCs using a single peripheral set at high-definition VGA resolutions up to 1920×1440.

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